Down the hole we go

In order to spice up my life in Eve I was looking for things to do. Akely had already proposed to join the 20 minuters and live in their wormhole a while back and last week I decided to take him up on his offer. There is more to Eve than level 4 missions and inventing hammerheads II ! Since then I have been making lists for stuff I’ll need. Making several shoopping trips to Jita and reading up on wormholes.

Not bad for someone who always stated he wasn’t interested in wormholes :). Sometimes you have to expand your horizon ! I am feeling more excited about Eve now and feel a bit noobish again. But finally a lot of skills me and my alts have will finally come to good use. Scanning, gunnery and the like will finally come in handy ! I’ll certainly will blog about my adventures in the hole (or lack thereof) here.

For now, here is a handful of links, that helped me get up to speed on living in a wormhole:


2 thoughts on “Down the hole we go”

  1. Here is a couple of little tips that I had to learn the hard way.
    When operating out of a PoS it is better to have one ship dedicated to each task than one ship with multiple fits that can do multiple things. (e.g. I have two blackbirds, one for hacking and one for analysing)
    After clearing out a radar/mag site with your main and/or dual boxing do not cloak the ship you leave in the site while getting your hacking/analysing ship from the PoS. (The site will despawn and all your hard fought cans go bye-byes.)

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