Evebloggers.com Reset Again

Evebloggers.com is back ! It got a restart a couple of months ago, but soon thereafter it stopped updating and then disappeared. The visitors would be redirected to a ‘domain for sale’ page.

Apparently someone picked up the domain and now renewed the site (edit: it’s @fuzzysteve). You get the top 5 headlines from a lot of eve-blogs (frontpage), or all blogposts of the last 7 days in chronological order. Very nice ! The layout is a bit minimalistic at the moment, but it works fine.

The old eve bloggers site
The old eve bloggers site


2 thoughts on “Evebloggers.com Reset Again”

  1. Design isn’t a strong point of mine, I’m afraid 🙂

    I’m trying to make it a little better than brutally functional, but it’ll take a while. Getting something up and usable is a higher priority than making it look nice. Mostly because I can do the first one.

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