Crius – Laziness exposed

We all know that people are kind of lazy by nature, but Crius can actually show that by looking at the price index of the industry facilities used.

This is in Uedama and the systems around it. As you can see it’s about at 30%, Ikao is busier, around 50%. Only the labs are near 100%, except for the lowsec one.


Now this one, I didn’t even know people actually did production in Jita, are these people never leaving the system or the station ? Even just a system next door it’s cheaper. Or are the price differences insignificant to the end products price ?


Just something I noticed, and I thought it was amusing Smile.

5 thoughts on “Crius – Laziness exposed

  1. Watchit! You’re turning into Gevlon! 🙂

    But yes, it is really odd. Could it be that some people have a industrial/trading alt and that character can do little or nothing else?

  2. Yes I was thinking something along those lines. Still weird, as you can train industrials to move your stuff in little time.

  3. The “Laziness” might have to-do with simple math. While many player do not suddenly become newborn industrialist, the slot removal means u can now buy materials in Jita and start producing, without the hassle of transporting the large volume materials.

    As example u can produce a Tornado in Jita at 62m cost, while the lowest sell order is 64m. So why not use this your industry skills, if all it takes is :

    1) check “”
    2) check sell orders
    3) buy cheap BPC or do some days of ME research
    4) produce your “main” hulls/ammo yourself

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