Eve and the road ahead

A dev blog was posted today by Ccp Zulu about what teams are working on what currently at CCP. It’s nice that they are sharing this information now, probably as a response to the release of the minutes of the CSM 5 meeting, which caused quite some turmoil.

We already knew that Incarna is the main focus for Eve at the moment, but 9 teams, 70 developers ? That sounds like it’s a bit much. And we still don’t know what we’ll be able to do in Incarna. Just walking around a bit and play station games or will there be more ?

Also 10 for evegate is a large number. It doesn’t look all that complicated to me. Then again my job is making business applications, which are mainly front ends for database manipulation, so maybe I am wrong and it’s a lot more complicated than it looks.

Anyway, this all results in this:

In the 2011 winter expansion we‘ll certainly focus more than ever before on iterating and polishing up all the features that EVE has expanded to in the then eight years. What those specific systems are, I don‘t know as we haven‘t started the planning phase for that yet.

It’s kinda tough to accept when it’s actually ‘written in stone’ like this. Basically development for Eve the Space Game has been halted for 18 months or so. And that’s just sad :(.

Over 300.000 Subscribers

Thanks to a tweet from CK I found this article on yougamers.com. Apparently Eve Online has now passed the 300.000 subscriber mark ! Very remarkable for a 6 year old game (gratz to CCP !). CCP keeps reinventing Eve and added a new graphical engine by the end of 2007 with the Trinity expansion to keep current players busy and attract new players.

Now of all those 300k subs, how many actual players would that be ? A lot of people have more than one character/account. But it’s still a very impressive feat, as it’s battling against games from bigger companies, like Age of Connan and Warhammer. Although one could argue those try to target a different audience. And there must be plenty of players that can actually afford more than one game. Eve seems to have somewhat older players with a higher income than your average teenagers.

Eve Online Beats Warhammer Online Subscription Numbers

That would put EVE Online as the number two western MMO on the market when you count by the number of active monthly subscriptions. EVE Online is surpassed only by a couple of Asian titles (Lineage, Lineage II, Final Fantasy IX and Runescape) and, naturally, by World of Warcraft.