Frig Tournament

Last week we had an alliance tournament. Well mainly Hidden Agenda members actually. It consisted of several rounds. First off was the frig free for all. This time I decided to pilot a kestrel with active tanking. I only managed to take down one pilot before I was downed by about four others !

Somewhat discouraged we had a team game coming next. Using the same setup as in the solo round, this went down much better. Sitting in the back, unleashing my missiles I was involved in 3 kills of the 4. Needless to say our team won ! The fifth member that wasn’t killed pulled a Benny Hill and kept zipping around and we couldn’t kill him, Ruffio in all his wisdom declared us the winners.

Next up was a cruiser free for all. I decided to go with a tanky vexor setup, med armor rep with cap injector and an 800mm plate. I was involved in a nice one on one with a stabber with me coming out victorious. Unfortunately I was then jumped upon by Cattis in a rupture who could barely break my tank, but broke it in the end anway !

Last round of the evening’s events was a ladder frig tournament. Unfortunately it was marred by disconnects by a lot of members and other server problems. I did get in my first round and lost against a well tanked rifter using a 400mm plate. I was using a 200mm + repper. The fight was very close, I overheated all my equipment and turned to space dust in the end.

All in all a very enjoyable experience and we had a lot of fun. I certainly recommend every corp, even if you’re just industrialists to do this every now and then.