Settling in 0.0

We have have been out here in Wicked Creek for six weeks or so and now that we’re more familiar with the area and it’s inhabitants, it’s getting a bit more comfortable. Having a few more ships to fly helps as well, my hulk is here now, and I got a cheap iteron IV to haul my stuff around. I also have been mining a bit, and the Arkanor, Dark Ochre and Gneiss is very nice. Combined with the recycled loot I almost have enough minerals for a Raven ! That will speed up the ratting a bit. The ratting is nice, as you can see in my wallet pic ;).

Eve Wallet

I have been mainly flying my Cerberus, and a Domi as well, but my skills arent geared towards that Domi so it was only a bit faster than the Cerb. Having a tractor beam is convenient though, the salvage is good. You get tritbars from the Angels, and I have been able to produce one Cargo Optimisation rig, and I am almost ready to make another one.


All in all, 0.0 is certainly growing on me, it has got me playing quite a lot more, though it’s getting a bit busy in our region now, so I am going to have to find a few more backwater systems for the ratting. Also there are still roaming gangs about. As I am writing this we have a DOOM gang outside the station :).