Whispers in the dark

Got this storyline mission about a week ago. It’s a four part mission with a nice background story. I was flying a Merlin at the time and only used to level 1 missions, so I was in for a bit of a shock. The object of that mission is to retrieve 10 building blocks from a few industrials.
The first part was easy, cant quite remember what it was, but I got my but handed to me on the second part. Think I managed to aggro just about every enemy ship in the area ;). So I decided to let this one sit in my log, shame since it had an extra 200k Isk bonus. So this weekend I tried it again with my nice new Osprey. Not really the best fighting Cruiser, but it can do the job.
So I picked up some hammerhead I droids (the osprey can carry 2), missiles and 200mm rail guns. And I remembered to be more careful, only aggroing one group of pirates at the time. The hammerheads and light missiles took care of most of the closing frigates, the cannons were nice for somewhat more range shooting and I succeeded in doing the mission :). Part 3 and 4 were doable as well, part 4 is not too easy either, but with the help of the droids, I got some nice loot and a great faction boost.

Thumbsup for whoever created this storyline mission, it’s very nice !