Saving for a Caracal

Currently I am saving up for a new Cruiser, I’ve set my eyes on a Caracel. Currently having a lot of fun with the kestrel. Loaded up with 4 launcher. some sabertoothes and bloodclaws and any npc enemy is toast before they even come close. Well, except for the rare occasion when there’s a lot of them ;). I am doing lvl 1 mission at the moment to rake in some cash. Also getting myself into industries. Sold 2 Keresels for 200k isk a piece and some ammo. Bought some bpc’s on the escrow market, which didnt cost all that much.
Big Blue is currently at war, so we have to be a little careful where we’re going at the moment, but I havent run into any enemies yet, so no loss for me so far. Gives a bit more excitement to the courier missions ;).