War Video

Two weeks ago The Otaku Invasion of which my corp Rakeriku is a member, was war-decced by Hooligans of War. A small pvp corp, looking for some kills in empire space. What they probably didnt know is that OI has quite a few experienced Eve players as members. The rakeriku industrial flag is no longer very accurate as some members do also engage in Pvp regularly or have done that in the past. So after the week the war was over, HOW had heavily underestimated the strength of OI. Some losses on our side, a few cruisers and frigs. On their side however, a few Hacs and recon ships. You can see the results on our killboard.

Thanks to Hitman47 some fights were recorded on video !

[flv:/movies/OIvsHOW.flv 480 368]

Unfortunetely, I logged on at the wrong times and managed to not be part of the action :(. I did fly around a bit in my Covops ships cloaked though ;).