Eve Wishlist

Some of the other EVE Online Bloggers posted a wishlist of things you’d like to see changed in Eve, so after some thought I came up with this list:


– more engaging and fun missions

– a choice between short and long missions would be nice. Sometimes you only have an hour or something and that is simply too short for a Guristas Extravaganza, but plenty of time for Duo of Death.


Drones should have one simple option added: ‘attack as group’. Drone AI (!) has improved lately, but they still wander off sometimes, after they destroyed their target, each attacking another target. This simple option would improve that situation a lot.

Ship Setups

Being able to save a ship’s setup. For example, you could have a raven setup for torps + kinetic / thermal hardeners and a cruise missile + em / general hardeners, so instead of swapping out all the individual parts, you simpy select a previously created setup and the modules are loaded from your bay onto your ship


Easier way to look through your inventory, including containers ! The longer you play the more stuff you leave around the Eve galaxy. And searching through it, is a PITA atm.

Skill Queueing

This one seems to be on everybody’s list : Skill Queuing. Especially the shorter skills are annoying. Like 3 – 4 hrs. You cant start those unless you know you’re going to be able to change skill once they’re done. I dont understand why they dont allow this. There could be a max of 3 skills in the queue or something like that. As an alternative, a web interface to your character would be nice as well, to allow the player to easily change his training.

Think there are a lot more things that could be improved, but for now, that’s my list !


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2 thoughts on “Eve Wishlist”

  1. Loved the inventory one. Man do I loose time on this!

    I think that we should come up with a master wish list and let it known to CCP. Who knows!

  2. There were a bunch of nice suggestions on my corp’s forum as well. I’ll compile those and post them here as well ;).

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