Tech 2 prices

Cap2 rechargerSome modules like the cap recharger II and Invulnerability field II, had not passed my mind lately. I remember the times when these costs like 15 – 20 mil., which I refused to pay even though I could afford them. But the past few weeks I purchased a few of these. It seems Invention is finally doing what it was supposed to do (I assume this was ccp’s intention) and the price of these modules have dropped considerably to 2-3 mil or there abouts. So my mission Raven got a little better lately ;).

Hulk Also the T2 ships like the Cerb have dropped a lot. It’s actually affordable now (though I lack the skill for now to fly one, my alt flies Amarr HACs) at 80mil instead of 200+. Most notably is the price drop on the Hulk. I am currently learning the skills (about a week to go) for the exhumers and checked the price again. A drop from 450mil to 130 or even lower. Probably everyone that can / want to use one already purchased one, so demand is getting lower as well.

All in all a good thing, if you werent in the T2 business :).

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  1. T2 prices have been down for months, now. I’ve been paying 65m for muninns for a good three months, and before that they had already dropped to 80m from the 100m pre-invention.

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