Delivering Trinity

There is a new blogpost up on eve-o abuot the upcoming new client and the various upgrade paths for the Eve-Online client ! The new info is that they’ll be using a Windows service to download the client in the background.

The bigger content upgrades are going to be downloaded with via HTTP as well, but using a different download mechanism called BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service). BITS is a part of the Windows operating system and allows us to ask Windows to download the files in the background for us. BITS supports intelligent bandwidth throttling and allows for downloads to be paused and resumed at your will. The intelligent part of BITS is that you can configure it to yield for other network traffic, which will ensure that you will not lag and be able to browse the web while downloading. If you need the download right away, you can set the download priority to high, which will make BITS use up all the available bandwidth.

I would very much prefer a regular download or a torrent setup, instead of some vague Microsoft meganism, but we’ll see how it all works out.

Delivering Trinity

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