Trinity Patch 1.2

Training a long learning duration skill ending after the scheduled return to service is recommended.

Please note that we have added two hours to the downtime for deploying this patch, Tranquility is expected to be up at 1600 GMT and not 1400 GMT as originally reported.

As usual totally forgot / didn’t pay attention to the announcements and had a skill end right before the extended downtime. Found this out when I couldn’t log on to change my skill and found the new patchnotes ;). They seem to be testing stuff at the moment (16:00 Eve time). Seven players online, but the cluster is not accepting new logons.

The patchnotes can be found over here . Mainly bugfixes, though from what I read from the readme.txt after installation of the patch, a lof of cans in space will be removed after 30 days, which is ofcourse very nice.