Upon Wicked Creek

OMG I R IN THE 0.0 !

The ceo of Rakeriku and Otaku Invasion Carv stepped down due to being to busy a while back and the new Ceo Rag, wanted to blow some new life into our corp . The best way to do that was to go into 0.0 ! We have a close group of people in Eve, very skilled and knowledgable as well, but everybody was getting a bit bored and the corp was slowly dieing. So the move to 0.0 seem to be a logical one. Some people already had 0.0 experience and they’re helping us 0.0 noobs along, answering all our questions.

Cerb ratting in wicked creek

So yesterday we moved some of our stuff over by carrier jumps. I now have a sacrilige for Belautis and a cerberus for morph in 0.0. Have only done a little bit of ratting, and it looks good so far. Already made a few million and got my cargohold filled with loot (which isn’t too hard today). Wicked Creek has Angel rats, so explosive ammo seems to work best. Though on the cerb, due to bonuses, the kinetic missiles are nice. It takes a bit of time to take the big BS’s down, but as long as tanking isn’t a problem, it’s not too bad. Luckily Bela can help me out if I step into a 3 BS spawn, like I did today, they spawned right on top of me and had my heart skip a beat ;).

Ofcourse playstyle is a bit different out there. You have to keep your eye open on the security channel and local. And because you’re renting space, that doesn’t mean there are no pirates or people with ill-intend around. Already yesterday when I was just going to put up a Cyno for the last jump, two hostiles got into the system. But luckily they buggered off, so I was able to put the Cyno up in the end.

Putting up a cyno

I am sure i’ll keep you all up to date on this new step in my Eve Career !

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