Life in 0.0

It’s definately different ! You have to keep a keen eye on local (no I am not using BACON), and even then it’s easy to get caught. Wicked Creek’s got a problem, roaming nano-gangs. Not just one or two ships, but sometimes even 20. I’ve seen a Bob gang, AAA, and a few other major alliances roaming about. Another problem is that RA is blue to TCF and TCZ, but red to most other people. We have been a victim of them a few times, and when thats reported in the security channel, people say ‘don’t report them they’re blue‘ ! Which then results in an interesting discussion ;).

What they do is trying to catch you in a belt with an inty or a rapier and then out of nowhere the rest shows up, blowing you to pieces. We’ve had a few skirmishes with them, but if you’re not jammed, your missiles hit for like 9 dmg, as they move so fast. I made a bit of money ratting, but that was offset (and then some) by the loss of a HAC, that Bela my alt was flying.

So for the weekend I am in Empire, the gangs get worse in the weekend as we saw last weekend. Just doing some trading and missions. If I go down there again, I am only going to fly something I can insure and equip it with some cheap looted modules, as you’re bound to loose your ship sooner or later.

What I don’t like at all in 0.0, is that you basically have to dock up as soon as there is a neutral or a ‘red’ in your system. He might be harmless, sitting in a safespot while making coffee, or he might be part of a larger gang out there to hunt you down. Other people dictating what I can or cant do in a game is no fun, so I wonder whether I am cut out for this. It’s been an interesting experience so far though.