0.0 Revisited

This past week was a lot more fun in 0.0. Hardly any roaming gangs, think I only saw one or two reds (as we say in 0.0) in the system I was in. I made some nice isk ratting and scooping up loot and salvage. What is also great, is bringing the T2 modules I produce to 0.0. Prices are ofcourse higher, which is good for business. For example my Hammerhead II’s sell for 800k in empire (though recently I have seen prices as low as 750k), but I can get 1.2 – 1.3 mil in 0.0 :).


Went back to Empire this weekend for some invention and mission running. In the weekend the number of hostiles increase exponentionally in 0.0, so might as well dwell in empire and do some business there.

I am starting to like invention quite a bit, I am now looking for other T2 modules besides drones and BCUs that I might want to invent and was thinking Large Shield Extenders II or X-Large shield boosters. Or maybe T2 guns ? Will have to look a bit more into it, to see what’s profitable.