EVE: The Book Review

Am currently halfway through the book and it’s great ! it’s very nice to read about the background of the various races and their internal struggles as well. One question though: Are the Amarr really as evil as depicted in this book ?

I was planning on posting some kind of review here, but the Mahogany Finish blog has already posted a thorough review at http://www.mahoganyfinish.org/ that i certainly agree with.

2 thoughts on “EVE: The Book Review”

  1. The Amarr aren’t any more evil than any other organization that has such copious amounts of power at its disposal. They might seem cruel or vindictive because of the way certain members of the race are depicted in the novel.
    Think of them as the Middle Eastern Muslim world. Not evil- but certainly mistrusted by the rest of the world.

  2. That’s an interesting viewpoint ;). The amarr in the book are pretty evil though ! Let’s hope not all amarr characters are like that :-).

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