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A new dev blog entry appeared today about a Speed Rebalance ! I guess all the nano whine nerfs on the forums helped ;).

My biggest beef with Nano’d HACs is that they dictate the fight. They run away if they don’t like the odds and engage when they think they can. Unless you use a very specific setup, they’re impossible to catch. And basically only a handful of ships are actually usable as nano ships, so that basically ignores all the rest of all the ships Eve has to offer. You have to fly a flavor of the month ship or not be able to compete at all, which isn’t what Eve is about…

Speed Rebalanced blog post by CCP Nozh

Eve-O Forum Discussion

What I really like about the blogpost is that you get a bit of an insight view as to how these balance issues are thought through and analysed. The proposed changes look good to me :).

UPDATE : Test server feedback

8 thoughts on “Dev Blog Nano No More”

  1. Holy Cow! Bye bye ludicrous speed. Those that spend ungodly sums of money are gonna be upset FOR SURE…but I hope it works well!

    TY for the 411


  2. Hmm first comment did not go through….Good idea I hope it is done right. Poor people who spent billions o snake implants to gain velocity over 8k on a cruiser.


  3. Holy crap those are some drastic changes. I’m not sure how I feel about the warp scramblers turning off MWD’s… how the hell are inti’s supposed to tackle or solo effectively if that goes into effect? I also wonder how much more difficult it will be to fly a blaster ship with web’s nerfed and when you’re unable to MWD because of a scram. Time to train another race’s ships instead of Gallente I guess 😛

  4. Have to say, it sounds like a lot of thought went into these candidate changes. I’m darn glad I did not jump on the polycarb bandwagon just yet–I think the prices are going to plummet if they are changed as the dev blog describes. Not sure I have the courage to go read that thread, LOL!

  5. Some very drastic changes but I LOVE SPEED. My worry is that too much balance and everything becomes flat. Let’s see what happens.


  6. Some ships’ bonuses will have to be adjusted a bit.

    The whines in that forum thread are interesting :).

  7. On a related note, our 60men minnie FW gang chased a single rapier yesterday. Our gang had several fast inties etc, but we didn’t manage to nail him down O_o. Some speedsetups are just silly.

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