Dev Blog Nano No More

A new dev blog entry appeared today about a Speed Rebalance ! I guess all the nano whine nerfs on the forums helped ;).

My biggest beef with Nano’d HACs is that they dictate the fight. They run away if they don’t like the odds and engage when they think they can. Unless you use a very specific setup, they’re impossible to catch. And basically only a handful of ships are actually usable as nano ships, so that basically ignores all the rest of all the ships Eve has to offer. You have to fly a flavor of the month ship or not be able to compete at all, which isn’t what Eve is about…

Speed Rebalanced blog post by CCP Nozh

Eve-O Forum Discussion

What I really like about the blogpost is that you get a bit of an insight view as to how these balance issues are thought through and analysed. The proposed changes look good to me :).

UPDATE : Test server feedback