Revitalizing a corporation

First off a little history, Rakeriku has been around since late 2005. I joined them as a noobie january 2006 after a month of Eve University. The corp was buzzing with activity then. We had an online shop, build a lot of ships and had well attended mining ops. But after a while people moved on, and the core of the corp (about 8 people or so with alts) remained. We’re all relatively old characters now. Independent with plenty of isk to back us up. And that’s where the problem lies :).

When you’re a few months old, a mining op with a few vets is great, but once people grow older, running missions is more lucrative, and start doing that. Mining ops get attended less, people move on to other ventures etc.. So now here we are 2 years later (give or take) and corp chat has become more of a chatbox. Everybody is off to do their own thing (me included).

We did a bit of recruitment earlier in the year, but only a few of the people that joined stuck around. We just don’t have that much to offer to newer players, besides our knowledge (uhm) of the game ;).

Here are a few things we’re planning or doing at the moment to revitalize the corp a bit:

  • setting up a POS in hisec for research which will need maintaining etc.
  • pos in low sec for carrier production. This will need minerals so mining might be interesting again.
  • looking into level 5 agents for group missions. No experience with this yet, if anyone has speak up :). Are the systems camped by pirates or are people not bothering with it ?
  • looking for other corporations to join our alliance. This will get us in touch with other people we can help out or work together with.

Regarding that last point: If you’re an industrial corp big or small, looking for a nice alliance to join to minimize the wardecs, have some friendly experienced players to chat to and help out with mining and production, contact me in game and we can talk about it. Just to be clear, we have nothing against pvp, but we don’t have anything to offer pvp corporation.

If anyone can offer more advise for revitalizing a corporation, please leave a comment !

Ofcourse our recruitement offer is still valid as well (except for the 0.0 part).