Navy Raven

And here it is. I finally bought a Navy Raven. Always thought it was a little too expensive, but now that the prices have dropped below 300mil (!), I just had to get one ;).

First Test Flight Navy Raven II
First Test Flight Navy Raven II

It looks nicer than the run of the mill Raven, and adds a bit of DPS with it’s seventh missiles launcher. Also it provides more of a buffer as it has a lot more shields ! You do go through ammo pretty fast now though, good thing I can build my own missiles !

Navy Raven 1

3 thoughts on “Navy Raven”

  1. Hey bro be really careful with the CNR they are qute a nice kill to add to any killboard and people love to hit them just for fun.

  2. Just to say that I fell in love with my CNR as soon as I got it, and when I got it, it was 450 million. Paid for itself fairly quick anyway, and then I decided to splash out on Caldari Navy Cruise Launchers that cost about as much as the ship again… still waiting to pay those off, but the ship killed stuff incredibly quickly before the patch (I’ve not used it since, never been missioning since QR hit)

    Anyway, on an unrelated not, you’ve been tagged for the 7 facts meme… if you need more information.

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