Ghost Training

Ghost training was officially taken out of the game on a server side patch on Oct. 15th last year. CCP have claimed that it was an unintentional feature, but they took years to actually do something about it, and fix it.

And to be honest, I am starting to miss it. It was always nice to be able to let a second character (or 3rd of 4th if you’re into that sort of thing), train a long skill (like training for a hulk, battleship V, commandships that sort of thing), and be able to come back to him/her and finding the character more skilled then when you left them.

Ghost Training
Ghost Training

Ofcourse you can still just pay the $15,- a month and not use the character, but that feels like a waste. As soon as you pay the monthly fee, you feel obliged to actually play with that particular character.

I am sure CCP did the math [insert random Icelandic bank joke here], but I wonder if they are really making more money because of this change. Instead of getting a few months pay for some characters, people might have just put them in the dustbin altogether and not use that particular account at all any more. On the other hand people might now actually pay the full 12months a year for some accounts where they previously didn’t.

I am afraid we’ll never know though, but I for one, miss Ghost Training…

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  1. Hmm I disagree…I have 1 main (Manasi) and one alt the alt has done NOTHING but train as long as I have owned it. I have never ghost trained my alt. I pay to play(train)..I look it more as an investment..All 5 with all learning skills(basic + adv) and getting better all the time I’m training now for adv wep upgrades and lasers atm…am I upset that people took advantage?…no EvE encourages that… do I miss it? Nope.

    It is always nice to have “an ace in the hole” that noone knows about…you never know when you might need that. đŸ˜‰

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