Blog Banter #4 – Adapt or Die

The EVE Blog Banter involves an enthusiastic group of gaming bloggers, a common topic within the realm of EVE Online, and a week to post articles pertaining to the said topic. This is the first time I participate in the Eve Blog Banter, as I thought the subject was interesting.

This month’s EVE Blog Banter comes to us from Manasi of A Mule in EvE. Manasi asks “How do we, EVE bloggers, adapt to changes as they are thrust upon us (speed changes, no more ghost training, all the Dev blogs, etc), or as our lives make playing the game different (more time, less time) ?”

Let’s start off with the last part: just go with the flow ! If you have less time to play Eve, just play less. This is a problem if you’re in some 0.0 pvp corp that expects you to be online 23/7, but for most people this should be doable. Even if it’s not, go and find another corp or another activity in Eve that’s more suitable to your new time constraints ! Don’t let the game rule your life…


The first part, actually can be answered with the same response. Missiles got changed in the last expansion, along with the speed changes, and you can either keep whining that the game now sucks, and quit, or try new ways to do your thing. Start using cruise missiles and drones, instead of torps. Fit a target painter instead of yet another hardener etc..

The thing is though, if some sort of activity you like, or a ship or whatever gets nerfed into the ground, so that you don’t enjoy that activity anymore, you’ll have to find something else you will enjoy. There is plenty to do in Eve, so that shouldn’t be too hard. There are also an abundance of ships to fly, and even more to come in march.

So even the ‘adapt or die’ slogan is used a lot on the forums, whenever a change is coming to Eve, it’s actually kind of true. Not quite sure about the we, Eve Bloggers part. Don’t think it’s much different for a blogger than for the ‘regular players’.


Update: Participants copied from CK’s blog

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  1. Wellrginally this was asked back in October bro, and I tried ot make it generic with the,’we the EVE bloggers” yes we all play to varying amounts…I just wasn’t sure how to start it.

  2. Fair enough :).

    Actually gave this some thought and I think change is a bit easier for us, as most of the bloggers tend to read more and are thus better prepared and are a bit more in-the-know about what’s going on !

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