Skill Queue

Thanks to CK’s Tweet I became aware of the upcoming skill training que article on massively. It’s based on the dev blog called more queue queue. It looks promising and it’s definately better than just running out of a skill to train. There is a caveat though:

The solution, or compromise, CCP is going with is limiting the skill queue to a 24-hour window — you can line up as many skills as you’d like, provided they can begin training in the next 24 hours.

What I get from this is that you can que a skill as long as the current one is ending within 24hrs. This still forces you to log on, but on a time that is convenient for you. I guess they didn’t want people to sign up, set a que for 3 months and then come back ;). Ah well, it’s a lot better than having to set your alarm clock for 2:00 AM at night. Not that I have ever done such a thing of course !

2 thoughts on “Skill Queue”

  1. I just went through that last night myself. I was dead tired and really wanted to go to bed at around 10, but wound up waiting till midnight for my skill to finish training.

    so yay to skill training.

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