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As you might have read, the previous my corp Rakeriku had a revival when we went to 0.0, but slowly died again. Now most of us that still play went our separate ways, though we still have a nice chat channel where we meet. I haven’t been playing a lot for the past two month, but of course as usual the old Eve bug is coming back and have been running a few missions and done some small industrial activities again, but it’s still kinda sad to be the only one in corp chat all the time.

I was wondering if there is such a thing as a casual corp in eve. No mandatory mining ops, though I wouldn’t mind one every now and then, and maybe a bit of mission running, though I can easily do that by myself, I am of course willing to help people out. I am not much into pvp (shooting each other’s ships that is, industrial pvp is fine :)), but a war every now and then wouldn’t be too bad. I am currently based in Hentogarira, but I don’t mind clone jumping a bit. I got plenty of skills for most activities, like exploration, industry and I fly a mean Raven.

Have versatile character and alt, will travel (though only through hi-sec space)

Any of the other bloggers maybe have a suggestion where to look for such a corp ? Or any of the regular readers ? If not i’ll just start my own for me and my alts ;).

Update: I am in the EU-Timezone

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  1. Try Hidden Agenda. Nice bunch of guys! I enjoyed the time I was with them. No mandatory stuff you can do whatever you want.

  2. If you’re not wedded to 0.0, you could try AKFT — I know they have associate memebrs all over, but they aren’t large

  3. Thanks for the suggestions so far, cannot find anything on AKFT though. Are they a secret organisation ? :).

  4. I’d reccomend giving the corp im in a go (Rising Sun Inc) as we’re pretty fairly casual minded, but tend to have wednesdays as ice/rock mining evenings, but of course, the majority of people are european – not sure if you are in the same sort of timezone.

  5. Checkout Sytek…I’ve been with them for around a year now…though they aren’t very big…they are bigger than you would be if you made your own alt corp :). We actually just formed an alliance (some of us wanted our own corps for POSes, etc) so while the corp chat of Sytek might not be as large as it once was…there is an alliance chat now. The alliance ideals are exactly the same as Syteks…

    You can check them out here

  6. Morph, first things first, you are doing yourself a disservice to avoid 0.0. There are some casual corps out there. Sadly I have lost touch with some of the ones I knew of. While I like the Raven, and her strengths she has large weaknesses in low sec or 0.0 I would avoid bringing it there. Best of luck mate.

  7. Thanks for the heads up Manasi, no worries about the raven, I got some more tricks up my sleeve :).

    I’ll take a look at the other recommendations, and drop by some chat channels tonight !

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