Gratz to Pandemic Legion

For winning the Eve Alliance Tournament. They managed to change their setups and come out very aggressively in the half final and blow Evoke out of the water. The final was a lot closer, Navy Vexors against Navy Caracals, then at last when the cruiser were all gone, the Abaddon vs. two minnie Command ships. The minmatar ships were too much to handle for the abaddon, but very well done by RuR as well, thanks guys for an epic final !

All in all this weekend was a great experience. Chatting away on irc, and in game while watching the experts and the tourney matches.

Epic moments:

  • Hero Tanking by a Fleet issue Tempest
  • Hero nighthawk smartbombing and chasing an abaddon
  • Hero vigil
  • Hero tanking Curse from hell
  • Bennie Hill style Hero Vigil race, getting 100mil isk for self destruction
  • Tournament LolCat

Hero tanking and Hero Vigil are new terms in Eve’s vocabulary, I think first used by Crovan. Who did an overall excellent job at the commentary.

Will post some direct links to the youtube matches I liked the best, once they’re up on youtube !

All in all well done CCP and everyone involved. I can’t think of any other MMO company that would organise such an event. Oh btw. the new record for logged on players is 51600+. My guess of 51150 wasn’t too far off ;).