Uproar over Capital Changes

And yet again a dev blog has caused a lot of uproar on the forums again. This time CCP Nozh is the villain in the continued forum soap opera ! First of all let me make it clear I know nothing about capitals and cap warfare, so I cannot really comment on the proposed changes by CCP Nozh.

But from what I understand from the thread the following happened: for weeks players and team of devs (CCP Arbithar is mentioned a lot) have been testing and changing caps on the test server. The changes had the approval of the players base and the dev team alike.

Then someone else steps in (CCP Nozh), voids all these changes and implements something totally different, and also showing that he doesn’t have much experience in 0.0 cap warfare (according to the players). So the big question here is “What happened ?”.


Was someone somewhere higher up not happy with the proposed changes and assigned the project to someone else ? Some sort of explanation is in order because this doesn’t sit well with the people that helped work out the first set of changes. They offered their spare time to help and think with the devs, and then just to scrape it all ? Is CCP getting more arrogant ?

Another trend that is noticeable is that the player base (especially the 0.0 one in the last two forum events) is getting more personal and vocal. It’s scary to see all these 0.0 alliances band together !

Update: Apparently posts are being deleted from the above thread ! Where have I seen that before ?

Update II : Eve Tribune has posted an excellent summary !

6 thoughts on “Uproar over Capital Changes”

  1. Love the pic. I am particularly disturbed by the heavy use of censorship and my newest BLOG post lays it on thick.

    I think censorship is a truly idiotic way to respond and personally find censorship more offensive than anything anyone might write on the forums.

  2. I don’t know about deleted posts, but were they constructive criticism posts or people getting far too upset about internet spaceships again and getting abusive?

    As for the changes themselves, the big fall down was not communicating that they were unhappy with the new supercarriers and wanted to try something different. Instead it came out of the blue and the changes were not well received as a result.

    As for the fear mongering about CCP getting arrogant or going to hell, please give me a break! One misstep by a small part of the company does not signal the beginning of the end. Have some faith.

  3. Nozh was arrogant. And not only was this dev arrogant, but Nozh’s original post made a number of gross errors that showed a remarkable lack of knowledge in regards to capital fleet engagements. No wonder so many players were outraged.

    As for the heavy use of censorship – man how stupid can you get? What in God’s green earth did heavy censorship achieve? What? What?

    You know what is arrogant? Being scolded like we’re all little children and still going ahead with the bonehead idea that after months of planning – they’re not going to do a damn thing with Capital ships.

    Now that’s fucking arrogant and condescending to the Eve player base. It can’t get much more arrogant than that.

    Fear mongering my ass. There are a good number of players that our outraged and for damn good reason. These devs need a kick in the ass – what have they been doing for the last half year with this expansion – changing Pirate, Mining and Anomalie tables and calling it an expansion? You got to be kidding me?? But they aren’t.

    Then a few weeks before the expansion after quite a bit of testing and positive player feedback they begin nerfing the crap out of their changes to cap ships – and brilliantly adding “docking with MoMs” to the complete shock of the nul-sec community. And then with more rising criticism they then just scrap it all – but only do it half ass, scrapping some of it but leaving part of it in place –

    What? What? You got to be kidding me. Really. There is no defense for this whatosever. Have faith? Have faith in a group of developers that heavily censor their own player base and are stupid enough to not listen to the almost unanimous request by their player base to hold of on the fucking bungled job they want to believe is an expansion?

    Bleh. Enough. Arrogance. Funny how a jack-ass never can see his own reflection in a pool.

  4. While I haven’t checked just what was deleted I think abusive posts have the right to be deleted. But if posts that calmly state “I think this is a bad idea, please rethink this” are removed then it gets wrong. Can see why players are upset though, the changes are terrible and destroy weeks of testing. And no reason why is given.

    Being otherwise really happy with how CCP handles things this does sting a little. I’d hate for this to be the beginning of things to come.

    And developers making errors like that in a public dev blog should really undergo a review, because I am sure if the changes were presented by someone who knows his game a whole lot less crying would have occurred. Now it really makes people wonder why someone like that gets to be on such important balancing issues.

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