Eve Forum Gate

This week the new forums went online. Apparently CCP uses a modified version of the asp.net Yet Another Forum software. According to the license (GPL) CCP should give back their modifications to the community (as you can read here on their forum), which should be interesting as we can see the authentication code in there. Somehow I doubt ccp intends to do this.

Anyways, the old forums were uhm well, a bit outdated, but we were used to them and readability was ok. In these new forums, readability was worse. Especially the front page and the fonts / colors chosen were not so easy on the eyes. Also the new avatars are a little too big. To me they also seem sluggish. I don’t want to diss asp.net right away (why not create something new in asp.net mvc ? would have been a better choice imho), but snappy isn’t how I would describe them.

On top of all this, through #tweetfleet yesterday came in reports (mainly by Helicity Boson) that the new forums also had several security holes. Pretty soon thereafter they were taken offline to fix those issues ! Let’s hope they also fix some of the readability issues and we’re set to go. Oh fix that like button too while you’re at it ;).

If you really miss the old forum’s look you can use a plugin in firefox called stylish to make it look like the old one.

Link: Eve24 news article

Update: The new forums were taken down again, obviously the security issues are much broad than just the signature issue. For a good timeline of the events check out Jester’s Trek.

Update II : Helicity Boson did a nice writeup in the day the forums died.

Uproar over Capital Changes

And yet again a dev blog has caused a lot of uproar on the forums again. This time CCP Nozh is the villain in the continued forum soap opera ! First of all let me make it clear I know nothing about capitals and cap warfare, so I cannot really comment on the proposed changes by CCP Nozh.

But from what I understand from the thread the following happened: for weeks players and team of devs (CCP Arbithar is mentioned a lot) have been testing and changing caps on the test server. The changes had the approval of the players base and the dev team alike.

Then someone else steps in (CCP Nozh), voids all these changes and implements something totally different, and also showing that he doesn’t have much experience in 0.0 cap warfare (according to the players). So the big question here is “What happened ?”.


Was someone somewhere higher up not happy with the proposed changes and assigned the project to someone else ? Some sort of explanation is in order because this doesn’t sit well with the people that helped work out the first set of changes. They offered their spare time to help and think with the devs, and then just to scrape it all ? Is CCP getting more arrogant ?

Another trend that is noticeable is that the player base (especially the 0.0 one in the last two forum events) is getting more personal and vocal. It’s scary to see all these 0.0 alliances band together !

Update: Apparently posts are being deleted from the above thread ! Where have I seen that before ?

Update II : Eve Tribune has posted an excellent summary !