CCP In Desperate Need Of Cash

Nothing like a catchy, provocative blog post title ! Maybe I should apply for a job at EveNews 24 ! Whatever the case, I am of course referring to the new 13 plex for $199,- offer ! Seems like a weird deal. It really makes you wonder how desperate in need CCP actually is.

cash_pileNot much in game news as of late on this blog. My sub ran out (like so many active Eve bloggers it seems ?) late July. I still read failheap challenge, take a peek at whether there is anything that catches my interest, and now and then the Eve-O forums. Since I hadn’t been playing much the past few months anyway, I don’t miss it much. I must thank the Hidden Agenda corp for making the last year and a half or so in Eve a fun experience. The events like frig tournaments were fun and there was a nice balance between activities and freedom.

My last blogpost refered to the press conference CCP and the CSM did after the events in july. I was reading Life in Losec’s post which refered to a post by Seleen that touches this very subject. I alread thought the statements made in that press conference were a load of crap, but to see a CSM member agree with that is interesting.

If I take a look at eve-offline it seems this time people actually did vote with their feet and a lot of subs are indeed starting to run out. I do find the graphs there somewhat hard to read, but if you look at the  ‘past three months’ one you can see a decline in active players. Of course it being summer and all has to do with that as well. And since we’re not getting the economic quartly any more that had sub numbers, we’ll probably be in the dark for a while on the real numbers.

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  1. i am amazed. it is a rare occasion that people would really go and cancel subs/stop buying when petitioning something rather than talking and still play anyway. eve does seem to be a real unique community.

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