CCP Press Conference

A very good write up on the event can be found on Gamereactor. Written by @petterm.

Just a few silly quotes:

The CSM-members themselves arrived in Iceland “worried, angry and paranoid” but soon they realized that it was actually a “shadow of a controversy” since there was actually no real controversy in the first place.

Ah there was no controversy ! Right …

According to the CSM, CCP should have explained the pricing of the items in the Noble Exchange from the start and what kind of strategy they had for it. If they had, Alex said, the whole thing would have disappeared in a “puff of logic.”

Oh rly ?

Meh, I have enough of the whole affair to be honest :). Let’s move on…

3 thoughts on “CCP Press Conference”

  1. I’ve been handling some press conferences, and made speaking points to attendess… And I must say that the this one was very well pulled uff by CCP. They got their views/spin told and was not called for it.

    Some poor chouse of questions also helped a lot. Like asking two questions in one, and not of the “…and if so, why/what…” kind allowed CCP to answer one and totally ignor the other one, that of course was the harder to answer. Poor ‘journalism’.

    Spin. It works. I hate it, but it does.

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