Blogbanter #31

With 2012 almost upon us, I think it’s appropriate to look where Eve has gone this year and where it will be going. Well since the upheavel this summer, CCP has drastically altered it’s course. This resulted in a winter expansion that actually focused on improving the Space Game !

Blogbanter #31 focused on reviewing Eve after the winterexpansion. I thought it would be appropriate to link to it, since I am not subbed at the moment and won’t give you an opinion without actually havening played the new expansion.

This special ‘End of Year’ Blog Banter edition aims to be a crowd-sourced game review. Using your gaming knowledge and experience, join the community in writing a fair and qualified review of EVE Online: Crucible. This can be presented in any manner of your choosing, but will ideally including some kind of scoring system.

Freebooted : Blogbanter #31 and the end result.