Manipulating Factional Warfare

A very interesting Goonwaffe post popped up today on the Eve-O forums. CCP will have to give any sort of reward system a very good thought before the bring it to the live server, since people will be manipulating the system, as you can read in this post.

Giving points according to the value of the ship and cargohold of the victim is not the smartest idea. It is clever of Goonwaffe to figure out the most efficient way to manipulate the system by filling up barges and keep killing them again and again.

Anyway, read it yourself at the Eve-O forum. The thread is already 13 pages long when I type this.

Update: The offenders will get a slap on the wrist for exploiting the exploit before reporting it according to massively.

5 thoughts on “Manipulating Factional Warfare”

  1. Good heads-up, thanks for that! I won’t stay on top of news about this but it begs the question as where exploits is taking it to far and should be punishable. Still… Frickin genius that.

    Also seeing you in game these days. I like that!

  2. Yes I am picking up the industrial side of things again at the moment. I’ll drop by the PodQ channel soon, if thats still up :).

  3. PODQ is up.

    I’m trying some industrial things. It’s OK. It’s just the selling things that is really a pain to me.

  4. Selling is the best part- ISK incomming 😛
    Nice to see you back.
    Goons find a way to make money by going over someones head as always.

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