Halp The Eve Blogosphere Is Dying

Lately there has been a discussion amongst some prominent Eve Bloggers about the future of the Eve Blogging community. The MMOmelting pot has a nice summary with some interesting comments. The whole issue came to my attention when Ryxxx’ post showed up on EveBloggers, ironically enough where he claims that The Mittani.com has killed the Eve Community.

Then I started to realize that I do indeed see less activity amongst Eve Bloggers. There used to be a time when you refreshed EveBloggers every now and then, a whole page of new stuff came up. Now not so much. Some blogs I frequently read are fading away or posting a lot less frequently. I am probably amongst a minority, but I don’t visit TheMittani.com very often. I do like some of the articles, for example when they take a look at the upcoming destroyers or review other games. The book reviews are pretty good. I don’t give a hoot for the 0.0 news though, which makes up a big part of the site (at least in my mind).

Apparently though a lot of people seem to like the site, it has lots of content all tucked in a nice place. I do believe there is still more than enough room for personal blogs like this one. Would an article appear on The Mittani’s front page where a small gang kills a retriever on a sunday night ops in a C4 system ? I don’t think so. So where else would I post such an article ? You might argue that no one cares about it, so write about it ? That is an interesting  questions. It all comes down to a blogger’s personal motivation.

Is the Eve Blogosphere doomed ?

The intention for this blog (from 2005 on !) has always been to make it a bit of a  diary of an ‘ordinary’ pod pilot. There are no glorious articles here, not very often very revealing insights, just tales of what can happen or what people do in Eve. And from time to time comments on what direction CCP is going or what I do like about an expansion or hate about it. There is still a lof of room for blogging in Eve. Maybe blogging in general isn’t as popular as in the best days of the Eve Blog Pack. Maybe there are less people now than back then that care to start a blog and write about their experiences. It would be a shame to see the Blog Pack go though, but maybe it has served it’s purpose and it’s time to move on. I do think that EveBloggers.com still serves great service though, I sure hope that will continue to exist in some form. I would have to have to fire up the old Google reader again !

6 thoughts on “Halp The Eve Blogosphere Is Dying”

  1. Definitely agree with you here – whilst the sands may be shifting and less people are looking to blogs for big EVE news (potentially), I believe there’s definitely still a place for blogs that focus on an individual’s or a corp’s activity, or just to give a personalised player’s perspective.

    I started a blog, similarly to you, as a diary of what I was getting up to. If people wanted to read it then great, if not, then fair enough – after all who really wants to read about what some noob is doing in high-sec anyway, right?!

    The main reason I read EVE blogs is to read about something’s someone has done and think… ‘hey, that sounds cool – maybe I could do that?’ – anything else is just a bonus, I guess!

  2. i see an inverse activity pattern between my eve and my work blogs – eve is busy in summer months and holidays, and the work one – just the opposite; Maybe you’re just noticing the “low” point of blogosphere activity, but I don’t think it’s dying. If anything I’ve only seen new writers pop up in the unfiltered tweetfleet feed. PS long time reader first time commenter.

  3. Mittani.com
    is it a big thing? i once got a google reference to it that i didnt click because other site looked more promising (and i was right) so i cant say i have ever actually visit that site (unless i forgot when someone linked me from corp). As for bloggers i cant realyl say either as you are the only blogger that i follow.

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