Seven Year Anniversary

And today Morphisat reached the ripe Eve age of Seven ! And what a long strange trip it’s been ;). Don’t have that many skill points for a character this old, a mere 87million. I never used very expensive implants, and I took a few breaks along the way. Since I am not into capital ships (got nothing against them, just have no use for them), it has become a challenge to pick the next skill to train at times. I have started on Amarr ships, since that is the only race I am not skilled at. My alt Belautis is though, so I already had that covered a long time ago.

Below is my a link to my skill list, maybe I am missing something very essential ! Let me know in the comments !

6 thoughts on “Seven Year Anniversary”

  1. Wrote a longer comment, but something goes wrong when you get more than 8 lines 🙁
    Cybernetics / Wing Command / Command Ships for mindlinks if you like boosting (they are getting less sucky!)
    Astro Rangefinding / Covops 5 if you like scanning
    Energy/Shield Emissions / Remote Armor rep if you like logi
    Drone nav / drone ewar if you use drones
    Subsystems to 5 if you fly strat cruisers, and strat cruisers 4 thermodynamics 4, nanite operation 4 if you overheat (and if you don’t, do 🙂
    The “what to train next” question gets harder the more skills you have, as awesomeness/SP decreases over time, but the T2 modules in crucible were a boon.

      1. No worries, the “Post Comment” box just gets shoved off the bottom into invisible-land when you put in anything other than a tiny comment.

        When I set out in EVE, I set the goal “learn how to fly every non-capital ship”; I didn’t think I’d ever be able to fly capitals. I hit that earlier this year, and have been at a bit of a loose end since:

        Finally got into cap ships for use in wormholes, and they are actually a lot of fun there.

  2. Congratulations ye oldie. im dragging behind 4 years and i bet you still have al ot of skills you wanted yesterday too hehe.

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