Tuskers Frigate FFA

This week I decided to take part in the Tusker’s FFA. I always liked the ones we had in the Hidden Agenda corp, and this promised to be much more massive. Free frigs were given away, which made the logistics thing a bit easier. I still spent much of the Saturday morning shopping for some destroyers and fittings and flying over to the starter system.

pvp meme

Things didn’t start out very well. I warped to a belt in an incursus, and died in a matter of seconds I think. Not quite sure what happened, I hardly had time to activate my modules. “This isn’t going to be a lot of fun, if it’s going to be like this” I muttered underneath my breath. But things turned around and had a lot more fun with missile boats. The breacher I brought myself did reasonable well, and i managed to stay alive a little longer. A few ships later I was handed my favorite ship of the night, a Condor ! The fittings the Tuskers gave us were quite good. Armed with 3 missile launchers and an MDW you can very easily keep distance and keep hitting your adversaries. Only downside was that it wasn’t fitted with a long point, so quite a few targets escaped, but since they probably were shot down elsewhere later you still appear on the killmail :).

top belt
A carrier (and a few wrecks) in the Top Belt

There were also a few events, for one a carrier appeared in the top belt, which was quite fun. I was in my condor, and couldn’t resist picking off a few people on the fringes of the battle, which made me feel kinda bad, but in a good way ;).

The carrier under heavy fire from all frigs

After 21:00 Eve time, all frigs and destroyers were allowed. I did pretty good in the new Caldari destroyer, which armed with 7 launchers packed quite a punch and I managed to get a few kills out of it. Also tried the new Amarr and Gallente ones, but both died pretty fast. By that time there were a number of groups on the field and you’d get instantly smashed once you warped in. I decided to leave around that time, since I had my fun anyway. I even made about 5 million isk in collected bounties. I also noticed there were quite a few young characters, who tried PVP for the 1st time. Hope they got the right impression and had as much fun as I had.

Thanks to the Tuskers for setting this up and providing us with free frigs to blow up !

Favorite kill of the evening

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  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself and even managed to get in on one of my deaths! I didn’t even realize it was you until later on when you mentioned it on Twitter. So hard to keep up with people in the heat of that chaos.

    Hopefully we’ll do more of these

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