All Along The Angel Tower

It’s about two weeks ago, our wormhole had it’s hisec out in one of the remote systems of the Heimatar regions, Klir. Together with the neighboring dead end system Jorus, there were about 8 data and relic sites. Even though there 4 people in local, no one seems to be going after these so I decided to give them a go.

I got me a few goodies off the first few sites (Still not a big fan of the loot piñata and the mini hacking game that’s pretty silly). A large mini jump drive BPC, and some invention related items. I didn’t scan the cans first so it was a surprise what I would grab from the cans. The other sites didn’t drop much of value up to the point I didn’t even check my inventory any more what I did get.

angel_towerSomewhat disappointed I headed back to our K162 entrance in Klir and checked my inventory and lo and behold, a faction tower BPC ! It turned out to be the Angel Control Tower BPC, the large one.

I brought it back in a tanky ship to Uedama  where most of my industry stuff is, and decided to put it together there, grabbing the remaining ores and a large minmatar tower from Jita, to give it a bit more value, instead of just selling the BPC. It’s still on the market now for 1.4 Bil. I have been checking the prices and they’re a bit weird. I don’t think these towers are in high demand, only a few are being sold every now and then. There were a handful on sale in Jita for 1.2 bil. Those disappeared and reappeared for over 2 bil ! Someone reselling them perhaps ?


If it’s not sold by the end of this month I might have to move it to Jita to give it a bit more exposure, but I don’t really feel much like moving such a high value item. Probably will be alright in a well tanked Orca.

So if you have always wanted that fancy faction tower, head over to Uedama and grab it off the market Winking smile.