Happy Holidays

Not that much interesting has happened in Eve the past few weeks. I was shot at twice I think while doing PI, but my warp stabilizers helped getting me back to my tower. Sold a bunch of PI and some extra fuelblocks. Shot some sleepers … Ah I can see you dozing off already.

The Yule lads were nice to me. Quite a fun holiday gift. And I think I only saw a few posts on the Eve-O forums how CCP is ruining the economy by giving away free stuff.

The Yule Lads

The leopard shuttle sure is speedy, with it’s 20 au/s warp speed. If you ever need to be somewhere in a hurry, it’s the shuttle to take. Other nice gifts included expanded probe launcher II, Warp Stabs II and whole bunch of other (sometimes not so useful) stuff.

Thanks Yule Lads !

And with that I bid you all a merry Christmas and a very happy new year !