Eve Recall Program

It’s like the scroll of resurrection, but for Eve ;). You can read all about it here.

If you want to go back to New Eden for 7 days to see what it’s like these days, you can use my referral link below !

Yes gimme 7 free days in Eve on an account I haven’t played in a while !

Update : Thanks for using my link, I got my free plex ;). Update the above one to another account, since you can only get rewards for the very first three people that use the link.

Update II : Unfortunately the program has ended, Eve-O forum thread.

Update III: Only thing I can offer at the moment is a 21 day trial, the Buddy Program.

10 thoughts on “Eve Recall Program”

  1. Hey, I used the link – thanks for posting it, you can find me in-game as Phene Underthorn in case you want to contact me or anything.

  2. Hey, umm.. I know that the Recall Program has ended.. but would you mind to let me know when the Recall Program is back? Because I’m really desperate to play back this game, but my gf wouldn’t allow me to buy a PLEX.. so I couldn’t login to check out the latest updates on EVE online. So I hope that you can let me know when there’s a Recall Program again or is there any links that I can subscribe to. Of course I would like you to send me the 7 Days Recall Program Link. Thanks.

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