In a devblog published 27th of may CCP announced the upcoming Microtransactions Store coming to Eve. You’ll be able to buy cloths (and monocles) for your character from this store. And you’ll need ‘Aurum’ to be able to buy them. Aurum comes from turning in Plexes. So what’s the argument from CCP to it this way ?

So we’re left with the question of how to give you the customizability and uniqueness you want without simply raising the subscription rate.

Aha ! If this is the case then you simply suck at doing business. Why invent a new ‘feature’ that you claim you can’t actually afford to bring at the current subscription rate ? I don’t believe the above argument for a second. Eve is already one of the most expensive MMOs out there. It’s used to fund the upcoming other MMO, and Dust. CCP simply wants to make more money, why not be honest about it.

Basically they have been working on Incarna all this time, and letting the space game slide, while working on a side game which doesn’t even offer gameplay, and you need Real Money to be able to use. Your $15,- a month is only good for an orange noobie overall. Also ship decals, alliance logos on your ship etc will have to be bought through above mentioned store.

This is also is a step away from a player driven economy. CCP will set the price of cloths and no one else.

You might also wonder who is interested in this ? I think they want to just get a new player base that wants to spend money on these kind of things. I don’t see Eve players as the type that enjoy playing Barbie in space. And where will it end ? Faction ammo next ? Faction blaster ? +10% missile damage boots ?

As you might have guessed from the above, I am not enjoying this decision by CCP at all. The responses to the devblog have been mainly negative too and #tweetfleet wasn’t too excited either. But then again as I said, I don’t think we’re the target audience any more.

3 thoughts on “Aurum”

  1. We are old. Lets face it, games used to be better. all of them. we are not the target audience any more. target audience has a squirrel size of attention span and considers “big graphical explosions” as the most redeeming factor. Eve was one of those games that still remained cool, probably because CCP was more interested in players than cashing in at the time. But it is coming to pass as well. And no wonder, as new players are filling the market. We are relics of gaming world, stagnant. We will die out.

  2. Slippery slope ahead! People will get mighty upset when CCP starts selling +15 PvP what-nots and the ISK farmer/sellers buy it and conquer more high-value space to make more ISK to sell. And so on.

    Worried. I. Am. Lets hope CCP shows constraint. I do realize this is a mighty tempting revenue source for them.

  3. The responses have been negative? What, you expected people to be happy that CCP is raising the price? Lol. You are living in a fantasy world, if you think a negative reaction to a disguised price raise means that CCP is bad at business.

    What is your point here? You think Incarna offers no gameplay, ok, so what. They charge real money for Incarna features, ok, you don’t want to use them anyway, doesn’t matter to you. “And where will it end ? Faction ammo next ?” Short answer no, long answer you can already buy faction ammo with real money, through plex’ing. Stop whining and say something meaningful.

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