Dust in the wind

After reading the news this morning that Dust 514 would be a PS3 exclusive, I was planning on writing an extensive blogpost about it, but Roc Wieler already wrote one that I might as well link:

Oh for Dust’s sake !

He exactly words my sentiments, when he says ‘could I afford a PS3, yes I can, but not for just one game!’. I already own an xbox 360 and quite a few games, but it’s catching dust (!) already. I am not going to buy another console.


Furthermore from what I understood so far, Dust 514 will be free on the PSN network, and you can buy stuff like weapons through the RMT store. On the xbox I have played games like that, or spend a few points in the marketplace to do so, and usually you play these games a few times and then just forget about it. Won’t the same happen to Dust ?

Anyway, I am not quite enthusiastic lately the way things are going in Eve-Land…

2 thoughts on “Dust in the wind”

  1. Well from the momen t i fould out dust is going to be console i knew i wont play it so its a no biggie for me. i can see reason for going playstation rather than eggsbox but i pretty much said it all already on our forums so i wont repeat myself.

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