Incarna 1.0

Incarna was released ! As you can see below I am watching my screen in my Captain’s Quarters. And that’s just about all there is to it. You can walk over to the hangar and see your ship. Which is nice, though it seemed a bit small to me ? Tried a Raven and a Hurricane. The screens are kinda nice in the CQ though, I have to give em that.

Morph in his CQ

Other than that the lightning is all weird in some places, especially in shadows your face becomes deformed. The walking around bit itself is extremely cumbersome. I keep running walking into walls and other objects.

Overal feeling: So this is it ? After three years (as far as we know), this is all they can come up with ? I am sure there are plenty of freeware games out there that do walking around in a room better. After spending about 2 minutes in your 3d room you have seen all there is and might as well turn it off. It doesn’t add anything to the game for now. I think they would have done better to wait until we can actually spend some time with other people, at least a corp meeting or something would have been interesting.

And I am not even getting into the whole MT shop thing, there are now only a handful of items for sale, at ridiculous prices. You can browse the Eve-O forums for more drama.

2 thoughts on “Incarna 1.0”

  1. You summed up my impressions pretty perfectly. Seems like a colossal wast of dev time. Meanwhile they haven’t really done much to improve the game I actually play since Apocrypha

  2. I said it was going to be a pile of big brown goo and and i was right. imagine what they could have achieved if they had used the manpower for those 5 years (they announced it 5 years ago didnt they?) for say, fixing up the bounties and shares system.

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