Skill points for sale

Well folks, it’s time for drama again. The forum is up in arms, and it’s a devblog once again that did it.

To be honest it’s a little fuzzy:

We also discovered that the vast majority of complexity involved in character sales goes away if you make them more granular. Rather than requiring that characters be sold whole, we could allow them to be broken up and sold in chunks. This means that buyers get to retain all the individuality associated with their characters and sellers can make some money off their training mistakes or unused skills without having to part ways with an entire character.

What does this mean ? I can sell off some skillpoints I never use and sell them for isk ? I guess so. And to add some fuel to the fire, you can buy these with aurum as well. If it wasnt available for Aurum, you could buy some plex with real money, sell them and buy the skill point thingies anyway…

It looks to me that CCP is trying to retain the newer players by letting them buy skill points on the market. It does take away some of the Eve core values (for lack of a better word) though. In eve the older guys always had more skill points, now some one rich can buy whatever skills he wants. So 100+ million skill points won’t mean any thing any more. I don’t really like the way this is going …

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  1. From my understanding, when you have more than 80m SP you only get 50.000 sp with each “injection”. It will cost you a hell of a lot plex/isk/money to reach 100m SP then…
    Probably cheaper to buy a full char on the bazaar as you do today.

    1. Yes and they might also suggest some sort of cap if I read the comments by the Dev in the above thread correctly. So you could never inject more than eg. 20mil skillpoints. That might not be a bad idea.

  2. But rich players have always been able to buy skillpoints, as long as someone else out there trained them and then put them up for sale.

    I don’t know what the effect of “buy for Aurum” vs “but for ISK” will have. Maybe that is why people are getting upset?

  3. You are wrong. They are not going to start selling skill points like plex/aurum as you have implied.

    The PROPOSED system that is up for DISCUSSION is a skill point sink. Character A uses an item that costs either aurum or is bought from the market for isk to extract 500,000 skill points. This item is then sold on the market by player A. Player B comes along and buys it from the market.

    It’s not perfect but the idea is for discussion at this stage. Post constructively on the forums and help the devs out.

    1. From what I read so far, this indeed seems to be the case. Wish it was worded a little clearer.

      Anyway, think this is just one more step toward Free To Play and micro transactions. The players are afraid it’s just another step towards pay 2 win.

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