Music For Mining

TritThe past few months I have been setting up shop in Hentogari. Still do my invention and selling those inventions in Sivala and Irjunen where the lvl 4 agents are (oops did I just give away a trade secret), usually on sunday where I fly the 14 odd jumps back and forth. Hento was just temporary I thought. There is a nice Ishukone agent there and I wanted to up my standings for them in order to use their R&D agents.

One drawback of said agent, and I assume the reason it’s not too crowded there is that she sometimes sends you to lowsec :(. Call me chicken but I am not interested in loosing my raven in a gatecamp and have some odd pirate seek me out while doing Guristas Extravaganza, so I usually decline those missions.

When I am on a 4hr mission break, and sometimes this is at night, so I have to wait for the next day, I started to spend my time mining again ! It had been a while since I mined, except for a few times when we were in 0.0 and I must say, I really like it again. It’s not very stressful, you can browse the web, read or just chat while doing it. And the isk ain’t half bad. I been using the trit and pyer to build a few ravens and they fly off the shelf in that region like hotcakes. Do so many people loose their mission ship ? I never lost mine to be honest.

And what do I listen to lately while mining ? I just found out that classical music really goes well with the sound of mining lasers. What lead me to classical music was this rendition of Steve Vai doing For the love of God. I have been ordering cds mentioned at I am especially enjoying Bach and Schubert at the moment.

So what do you listen to while mining ? Besides the Eve podcasts out there ;). I refuse to believe all Eve players only enjoy the loud music (yes i am getting old) that comes with every Eve video (and most other MMO videos). Any good suggestions will be appreciated :).

Revitalizing a corporation

First off a little history, Rakeriku has been around since late 2005. I joined them as a noobie january 2006 after a month of Eve University. The corp was buzzing with activity then. We had an online shop, build a lot of ships and had well attended mining ops. But after a while people moved on, and the core of the corp (about 8 people or so with alts) remained. We’re all relatively old characters now. Independent with plenty of isk to back us up. And that’s where the problem lies :).

When you’re a few months old, a mining op with a few vets is great, but once people grow older, running missions is more lucrative, and start doing that. Mining ops get attended less, people move on to other ventures etc.. So now here we are 2 years later (give or take) and corp chat has become more of a chatbox. Everybody is off to do their own thing (me included).

We did a bit of recruitment earlier in the year, but only a few of the people that joined stuck around. We just don’t have that much to offer to newer players, besides our knowledge (uhm) of the game ;).

Here are a few things we’re planning or doing at the moment to revitalize the corp a bit:

  • setting up a POS in hisec for research which will need maintaining etc.
  • pos in low sec for carrier production. This will need minerals so mining might be interesting again.
  • looking into level 5 agents for group missions. No experience with this yet, if anyone has speak up :). Are the systems camped by pirates or are people not bothering with it ?
  • looking for other corporations to join our alliance. This will get us in touch with other people we can help out or work together with.

Regarding that last point: If you’re an industrial corp big or small, looking for a nice alliance to join to minimize the wardecs, have some friendly experienced players to chat to and help out with mining and production, contact me in game and we can talk about it. Just to be clear, we have nothing against pvp, but we don’t have anything to offer pvp corporation.

If anyone can offer more advise for revitalizing a corporation, please leave a comment !

Ofcourse our recruitement offer is still valid as well (except for the 0.0 part).

Factional Warfare

Is a-coming ! The servers will go down in the night and might be up on wednesday, but don’t hold your breath. Already tried some FW on the testserver, and it was fun, but that’s also because of the cost of all modules being 100isk ;). I am thinking of dusting off an old account, I haven’t used since 2006 that holds my Minmatar freedom fighter and enlist him in the Minnie fleet. Otherwise, as both my characters are in an alliance and not willing to leave it, FW is not for me. Which is a shame as it would have been a fun sidegame.

Anyway, I have been busy in game, nothing very spectacular. Mainly ratting and a little mining in Wicked Creek. I build a Raven from recycled loot and some mining, which makes live somewhat easier. Jumped back to empire friday when it was a little hostile in WC and got some business done there. Flying around collecting datacores and selling them off.

I saved a few for my own invention stuff, and managed a 3 out of 3 attempt of an Invulnerability II Shield. If only I would have know (well I could have checked) that this thing needs quite a few expensive parts. Still hope to make a profit on them, they sell for around 2.2mil around Sivala. My stack of Ballistic Controls II is almost sold out now, and I am all out of Hammerheads II and HobGobs II. I even sold too many, when I needed a few I couldn’t find any anymore and had to invent a few BPCs for own use ;).

Met a few suicide camps on my travels around empire for the best deals, as you can see by this screenshot :).
Concorde Much ?

0.0 Revisited

This past week was a lot more fun in 0.0. Hardly any roaming gangs, think I only saw one or two reds (as we say in 0.0) in the system I was in. I made some nice isk ratting and scooping up loot and salvage. What is also great, is bringing the T2 modules I produce to 0.0. Prices are ofcourse higher, which is good for business. For example my Hammerhead II’s sell for 800k in empire (though recently I have seen prices as low as 750k), but I can get 1.2 – 1.3 mil in 0.0 :).


Went back to Empire this weekend for some invention and mission running. In the weekend the number of hostiles increase exponentionally in 0.0, so might as well dwell in empire and do some business there.

I am starting to like invention quite a bit, I am now looking for other T2 modules besides drones and BCUs that I might want to invent and was thinking Large Shield Extenders II or X-Large shield boosters. Or maybe T2 guns ? Will have to look a bit more into it, to see what’s profitable.

Invention II

As you can see in the screenshot of my inventory, I have been fairly successful lately with invention. Got all the related skills at 4 now, and the hit / miss ratio with the drones has been a lot more hit than miss ;). I also invented a few Ballistic Control Unit II bpcs. Those and the Hamerheads seem to have a success-rate of about 30%, the hobgoblins are lot higher, I would say 70% or so ?

Eve Online Invention

Luckily I found a backwater Gallente system that only had 5 days or so que time for copying blueprints. Our alliance has some laboratory facilities, which is fine for ME research but copying is still buggy or cumbersome, so I was told. But it didn’t matter too much as I needed the time to get some more data-cores from my agents. I now have two electronic engineering and two mechanical engineering agents, which gives a nice source of income as well, for the cores I don’t use.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend doing this all, as it doesn’t seem to be worth all the trouble. The past week I produced drones from the above mentioned bpc’s and am now selling the Hammerheads for around 1.1 mil. The hobgobs go for about 200k. So I might as well hang on to those. The producing part is a bit of a hassle as well, as you need these weird parts (and you have to produce the t1 drone as well) and have to travel quite a bit to get the best deals. It’s fun to be using your own drones though, and the investment wasn’t that bad since the price of the data interfaces and encryption skills have dropped considerably. Which is of-course the reason why there is so much T2 stuff on the market at the moment. But if you got a few million isk (and then some) to spare and want to see how it all works, and you have an industrial character, feel free to give invention a shot.

I have no idea if the starship production is more profitable. Probably also in bigger numbers as the starting investment is a lot higher. The starship interfaces needed are a lot more expensive.

There is an interesting analysis on the Eve-O forums that agrees with my point of view :

I would persuade small-time inventors to stay out of the business (unless it’s for personal use in remote areas of the galaxy) for the time being, because they tend to ignore the long-term (average) costs, and usually undersell their “lucky chance” products, only to hit a bad bump when the unlucky streak starts. You’re really better off just buying off the market most of the time.

Due to the chance-based nature of invention, I would recommend that you ONLY go into invention at all if your skills are good (L4 each of the 3 relevant skills) and you have a starter capital that will cover (on average) at least two, preferably three successful invention jobs per “investment batch”.

And ofcourse the invention guide if you want to get started or just see how it works.