Low Sec Mining Op

Last night was an eventful one ! My first low sec mining up landed me my first pvp kill. Our miner was attacked by a lone kestrel in 0.3 space, he was soon taking care off my my ferox’s missiles and Kikuko’s rifter fire. What was he thinking ? He was also carrying some skill books, not the smartest thing to carry stuff like that around when you go pirating. Anyway we mined quite a bit of Kernite, the payout was nice ;). And yes I got my Ferox now, more on that later.

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Money Money Money

W00t ! Sold the harpy for 22mil. Had it on sale for 24, but saw a buy order a few jumps from Sobaseki in Nourvoukaiken (sp?), so I packed it up in my Badger I and brought it over there. Put up a buy order at our corp’s forum and hope to get a Ferox soon ;).


Last week I decided that my Eve Career needed a step up. Been playing Eve mostly solo, though the guys in the Eve Uni Corp channel have been very helpful, I felt like I needed to join an active corp in the Calderi part of the galaxy. Checked the eve forums and the recruitment channel for a while and for some reason this corporation looked really interesting, since I am both interested in mission running and the industrial side of Eve. Dropped by their channel last night and they were really friendly and funny, so I decided to join them. I am sure I’ll have a great time with these guys ! Their forums can be found at http://www.rakeriku.co.uk/

first mining op

Two Week Recap

The game has been kind to me the past two weeks. Got a story mission that got me an implant I sold off for 12.5mil, so I could afford a Caracal and a Blackbird. Been mainly using the Caracal to run lvl 2 missions now (mostly for the Caldari Navy). Also got an offer from an agent to exchange a Hawk for a Harpy. The Harpy is now for sale at Sobaseki, hope it sells soon :). I now got the skills to buy a Ferox, just lacking the funds so as soon as it sells, I’ll be flying in that.

The war Eve-Uni was in, was a bit annoying. Basically the Forge region was very unsafe. I found that out while mining in a neighboring region (Ferent). I was chased by two of the enemy, managed to dock safely, but they hang out outside the station for over an hour ! That war is over now fortunetely.

Domain Name Screwup

Unfortunetely the registration of the domain name this blog is on was expired, so I havent been updating this blog for a while, but it’s now back in full swing :). Will post an update about the past week’s adventures soon !

Saving for a Caracal

Currently I am saving up for a new Cruiser, I’ve set my eyes on a Caracel. Currently having a lot of fun with the kestrel. Loaded up with 4 launcher. some sabertoothes and bloodclaws and any npc enemy is toast before they even come close. Well, except for the rare occasion when there’s a lot of them ;). I am doing lvl 1 mission at the moment to rake in some cash. Also getting myself into industries. Sold 2 Keresels for 200k isk a piece and some ammo. Bought some bpc’s on the escrow market, which didnt cost all that much.
Big Blue is currently at war, so we have to be a little careful where we’re going at the moment, but I havent run into any enemies yet, so no loss for me so far. Gives a bit more excitement to the courier missions ;).

Whispers in the dark

Got this storyline mission about a week ago. It’s a four part mission with a nice background story. I was flying a Merlin at the time and only used to level 1 missions, so I was in for a bit of a shock. The object of that mission is to retrieve 10 building blocks from a few industrials.
The first part was easy, cant quite remember what it was, but I got my but handed to me on the second part. Think I managed to aggro just about every enemy ship in the area ;). So I decided to let this one sit in my log, shame since it had an extra 200k Isk bonus. So this weekend I tried it again with my nice new Osprey. Not really the best fighting Cruiser, but it can do the job.
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My first Cruiser: An Osprey


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Finally finished learning Frigate IV and cruiser. Found an Osprey for 2.8Mil. Didnt have a lot of extra cash for more goodies, but I did equip it with an 10Mn afterburner (which is a must since it’s kinda slow), medium shield booster and a nice shield extender. Got almost 1600hps on the shields now :). Mining works great with 3 cargo expanders in the low slots, and lvl 1 missions are a breeze now…